Monday, 6 December 2010


Home Alone is the one film that truely relates to "Fix Up, Look Hard". This is because the whole plot of the film, is a little boy "Richard" gaining confidence and over powering the antagonists.

The film is filled with comedy and laughter all throughout simplty because of the pranks. The pranks and jokes that Richard plays on the antagonists is what makes the film so funny. How can a little 10 year old boy be schooling grown adults - a complete role reversal. Just like in my film the Harry the nerd plays pranks on the school bully - which clearly goes beyond the stereotype of a school nerd. Ths is why i thought to myself that Home Alone will be he best fim to seek ideas from.

Moving on, the film poster kind of introduces the setting as the antagonists are behind a skyscraper lurking out to see Richard. While the protagnist Richard is just sitting down reading newspaper as young as he is. Again that brings in the comedy element. Richard sitting down infront of a skyscraper with a newspaper in his hands while looking at the camera with a cheecky smile. It has the comedy element o it.

Just through the poster we are introduced the narrative of the film. The audience could guess the film will be about those two antagonists behind the skyscraper trying to kidnapp the boy for money. This is because as they little kid is sitting right infront of the skyscraper it may denote that his parents or family owns it, while he is also reading a newspaper it shows he has very good intellectual skills and maybe somebody from the higher class due to his costume. However, it brings along that comedy element, due to that cheecky liuttle smile he has on his face, which kind of invites the audience in, the little smurk lures us in as we want to know, does Richard know if the two antagonists are behind him, is it a trap? All these questions racing through the audiences mindjust through pne still image.

Also, the colours used in the poster is dark blue which denotes, gloominess, hostility, worries and probably something bad that is going to happen. Dark blue is the colour of the clouds, this may represent

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