Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Analysis Review

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is yet another great tv episode series that relates to my film. This film is basically about two young twin brothers that just love to cause chaos within their hotel suite which they live in. It is just an all time family favourite; great for the kids as well as teenagers too.

The setting of the film poster is an hotel suite with green paint. The usual stereotypical image of a hotel suiteis a creamish, gold setting with very much victorian laterns and couches - a very much posh feel. However, this film poster challenges the usual codes and conventions of the "stereotypical" hotel suite, this is because they dont want the usual effect of a hotel suite, they wanted something diferent, odd,m edgy which again is the same connotations as gren, the colour green denotes, edge, guey liquid, boggies, sick, dizziness which is exactly the same theme that is created on set. Aready just by looking at the walls and the ceiling we have been brught into the suite life of zack and cody, whih i think is a great effect.

Secondly, mise-en-scene also plays a huge role in helping the film poster. For example, their costume. The boys Zack and Cody; Zack is wearing a colourfully hooded shirt,whereas, Cody is wearing a blue sweater with a smart shirt inside it. This already introduces us into their chgaracters. It coukd be denoted by Cody's costume he is the much more intellectual, relaxed, diciplined and good respectable brother, whereas Zack on the other hand, is the more chilled, laid-back, troublesome, funny brother. However, in my own opnion i feel that the colour of Zacks costume excluding the yellow does not really represent his character very well, this is one flaw that i have with this poster, to rectify this however, i would have chosen a more colourful t-shirt for him to wear like red something that could stand out. However, it could be argued the reasons in why Zack is wearing grey and yellow, is because grey denotes a more of a boyish colour, its a jaixtaposition of two colours. Yellow denotes; excitment, adventure, happiness, summer and just a genral happy feeling whereas grey on the ther hand is more; sad, sorrowful but dirty, gloomy, angry which in a sense does represent his character. Codey on the other hand his blyue sweatshirt denotes features of a girl, relaxed, simple, happy it is a boy colour however in modern day it is usually worn on her girls. Also Codey's costume is ironed and very straight/neat this represents his character too, it denotes him as a very calm, clean and considerate individual as the stereotypical view of boys is that they do not bother to iron/wash their clothes, however Codey's character clearly challenges this. Whereas, Zack's costume is more scruffy and dirty, which just proves the stereotypical view of most boys, their masculinty that shows that they dont need to take care of what their wear.

Thirdly, the mise-en-scene element of facial expressions. Mr.Moseby (black man in suit) has a more serious and diciplinary face, it could be denoted that he is more angry, hostile and a strict individual, even though he is swinging on a hotel lobby trolly, he still has the seriousness on his face unlike the rest of the peole on the trolley. His behavious and character profile connotes with his costume colours, he is wearing a dark grey suite which denotes, boredom, old age, dull, boyish and just not exciting. Also by him wearing a suit he could be the hotel manager also by the sense of seriousness on his face he looks like the hotel manager.

Leading on, in my own opinion the use of the three other characters in the film poster is completly unnecessary - i do not feel that they needed in the poster, they are just seen as extras and have no real value or contribution to the poster. Maybe this is also because i have watched the film and i have seen their roles which is not as important as the main three which i have mentiones. By the producers using them in the film poster makes me aware, that not everyone in my film has to be captured in the film poster - otherwise what would be the significance of the film, if all the characters have been introduced through the poster?

Lastly, the paper that has writing on it saying "Suite Life of Zack and Codey",just clearly illustrates it is a film made for the family and young kids just because of the choice of text and text colour. It makes it more appealable for young kids, and also because it just brings around the usual comedy element, that the boys have stuck on the screen their names, as if its their room, which makes it unique.

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