Monday, 20 December 2010

Jermaine M.Seki ( Year 11 )


• The actor was a disgrace, he was completely just boring, made the film quit boring, looked like he was being force.
• The shots and camera movement was bit too slow at times – like I yawned a few times just staring at it.
• Sound was alright – but inappropriate at times ( natural sound could have been included make it seem more real and less like a film)


• Funniest film I have watched created by unproffessionals.
• The pranks was not all that funny, it was simply the reaction OF the pranks that made me personally laugh.
• The whole school theme was just a great idea – made me relate to it much more.
• It’s a bit of a fantasy – a geek becoming a bully – could never happen in reality but the idea of it, is what makes it even funnier.

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