Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Self Defence Treatment

Self Defense
3rd Draft

Tagline: Geeks are bullies to.

HARRY is a little, meek boy that is experiencing bullying by the top guy JACK. HARRY is too ashamed to tell anyone so he keeps it to himself. But today is the day he decides to seek revenge on JACK.


• HARRY walks into school with a happy mood like always, keeping himself to himself, whereas everyone else is entering the school gates with their friends.
• HARRY then sees JACK while entering his class and has a sick feeling and a sense of fear on his face.


• An hour goes by and the school bell rings, symbolizing that class is over, you hear see two boys run out laughing and pointing and run away.
• HARRY then comes out the class soaked with water, while people walk past (preferably girls) walk past and point and laugh.
• HARRY gets angry and sad that he has no-one to confide in then runs off the scene.
• HARRY then tries to take things off of his mind, and offers to do community service. (Present this by a hand giving him the “community service” card)
• As HARRY is doing his community service he begins to draw and include all the terrible things that has ever occurred in his life.
• As HARRY is drawing the only things that he seems to draw are in regards to JACK, with this though he gets frustrated and pushes a chair into the cupboard without thought.
• Exactly soon after this happens everything untop of the cupboard falls unto the floor.


•Coincidently a magazine about pranks and jokes falls down in front of Harry
•HARRY then has a quick flashback of what had happened first period with JACK.
• HARRY looks at the camera smiling /winking showing he has an idea.


• Later on, on that day HARRY begins to go through the magazine and sees all the funny pranks that are included in the magazine.
• In relation to this HARRY then hatches a cunning plan to seek revenge on JACK by producing a Prank. HARRY then writes them all down in this specific order listed below:

1) Put Superglue on the chair that JERMAINE will be sitting on.

2) Slippery liquid outside floor of classroom (As everyone would have left Baba puts slippery liquid on the floor outside classroom so when JERMAINE finally gets of his chair he will fall over).

3) Place clear tape across the outside of a door from top to bottom (JERMAINE will run into it as he is in a hurry to get home).

4) He then runs out frantically through the media corridor.


• The next day HARRY comes into school, with a new personality. JACK is still very angry with what happened to him yesterday and happy slaps HARRY to gain his authority back.
• But HARRY does not take it lightly, when JACK turns around HARRY pushes him down to the floor, giving JACK the macho look, and we now see the reverse of character personality - now HARRY has found his identity, and as he walks off JACK is left on the floor representing him as the weaker character and HARRY gaining status.

The Adventure of Babashola Treatment

The adventure of Babashola Treatment (3 Draft)

Tagline: Maps don’t always take you were you want to go!

The main character is (Babashola) who is a quite nerd and gets bullied by a ring leader called Jermaine. He knows Jermaine likes maps and coincidently finds a map fall down from a shelf with paper after hitting the wall with his chair angrily which gives him and idea. He starts the pranks.


• Baba walks into class sitting opposite everyone and looking at each classmate doing their own thing (brushing hair, reading book etc)

• He then sees Jermaine who is always bullying him reading a map and then he sees him.

• He gets him out and squirts water in his face and all over his books and bag.

• When this finishes he looks at everyone smiling walking away and sees Jermaine walking of with everyone laughing as if nothing has gone on.

• Baba gets really emotional and sad that everyone is happy apart from him

• Baba later forgets about what happened and offers to do community service in an office.

• As he’s doing his community service he begins to draw and include things that have happened to him in his life.

• As he is drawing he remembers all the negative things including Jermaine bullying him and gets really emotional and sad and pushes his hair into the wall.

• Everything on the shelf falls over and he begins to pick them up.

• He spots a brown old map among all the letters and picks it up to what it is.

• He realizes it is an old map and puts it with all the other letters but pulls it back out again and gets a flashback of Jermaine reading his map.

• He looks at the camera smiling /winking showing he has a idea.


• Later on, on that day he begins to look at the map he found and draws his own one with pranks looking alike the one he found. (Lots of montage and shorts of him doing this).
• On map he puts this

1) Put Superglue on the chair that Jermaine will be sitting on.

2) Slippery liquid outside floor of classroom (As everyone would have left Baba puts slippery liquid on the floor outside classroom so when Jermaine finally gets of his chair he will fall over).

3) Place clear tape across the outside of a door from top to bottom (Jermaine will run into it as he is in a hurry to get home).

4) The lights then all turn off which frighten Jermaine (He then sees Baba on the other side and gets up to get him)

But a teacher catches Jermaine and gives him detention.

Babashola then walks of with his map.

Thursday, 7 October 2010


The narrative of this film in my opinion was the greatest out of all of them. This is because it was the simple story - maid having affair with her boss then fails pregnant, goes to abort it but pretends then pretends about the entire thing, she was never pregnant and runs away with the families money. It seems complicated but it is definitely original as the stereotypical view of maids is that they have no backbone an not a mind of their own, but in this short film they completely turned the tables on this character and made her seem like a weakling but she was really the protagonist all along. This is what i will bare in mind while making my film - ensure that things do not seem to obvious, this is because once your audience knows what is about to happen, that is when you have lost them and lost their interest.

Moving on, the use of camera was definitely a very good element in this film - this is the only film i can say that had good shots and good narrative, the only one i enjoyed out of the lot. The camera had a variety of shots from close up to maids face,m from a long shot of little boy in his bed sleeping, establishing shots of the train station, high angles, low angles, they used as many shots as possible and very appropriately.


The narrative of this film to me had a purpose and meaning but i personally found it boring, i have watched a lot of films on racism and immigration this film did not challenge the codes and conventions of film, therefore in my books it failed. This is a good example - of how i do NOT want my film to turn out, it was exciting - yes, but i did not get the message and it was not original.

However, unlike STRIPES this film had a diverse of shots in it, which really helped myself to get into the film - even though i did not enjoy it or understand the narrative, the shots still kept me engaged. Their shots were very powerful, one that i really liked was of the one with the black guy coming home to his wife, through the glass window - i just felt it was a strong shot simply because the window were broken and that could represent his life, his an immigrant that has just stabbed his friend, then the shot reverse shot to his wife, was just like the reversal of personalities. The wife is calm and loving, sweet, whereas he is brutal, confused and angry.

Also, i had noticed that the weather usually corresponded with the mood for example, while it was raining when the black guy was stabbing his friend. The weather was angry, restless and disturbed which are all the same characteristics with the black guy.


STRIPES is a great short film for color and lighting. This is because i just found it amazing how they did their lighting, the setting was completely white, yet they were still able to give a blurry and mysterious effect, which is great, and it was very effective.
Also the colors used was also very interesting, they used blueish,whitish lighting, not just the ordinary conventional colors that we are all used to seeing like black - for mystery and white - for a suprisement, they decided to make it original; this is what made it just spectacular to look at, and kept myself and the entire class engaged.

Another positive of this film was the narrative, the narrative was a simple idea - a kid getting bullied and seeks revenge . . . 10 years later, that was the twist. This is one key thing i have to have in my mind while creating my own film - i have to be very original - i have never watched a film about a man that seeks revenge for getting bullied 10 years down the line - it is original, a simple idea but with a terrific twist!
Also the film was shot in one room, that is also what stood out to me, the film was like 10mins long, however, it was set in a room not even a house like the others, it was set in a single room and still had a massive effect.

However, although it had a great narrative and great lighting, the shots that were taken was very, very weak! All that i was seeing was close-up's, mid-shots and over the shoulder shots, they did not present their technical ability very well at all, it seemed basic, but because of the use of lighting (at times not even necessary) it made it look average.

If i was to base this film on narrative it will get a 6/10 but if i was to base it just on the technical aspects - they failed tremendously.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

TREATMENT - AA&Co Productions

(Locked in My Mind)

Tag-Line (There are many things you can escape, but your mind is not one of them.)

The main character JERMAINE dumps his girlfriend SHABNAM in front of the entire class; however what he does not know is that this girl placed a curse on him. Leading on to the main bulk of the film when the curse unravels on him – while he is all alone in the empty, deserted locker room – with no way of getting out, this is when the horrors of the curse begin, he struggles, he fights, but is there anyway of getting out of this? Maybe it’s just all a figure of his imagination.


• JERMAINE was walking through the corridors with two of his friend’s one by his left and another by his right. Meanwhile his apparent “girlfriend” was also walking in the same direction towards him with her friends too. SHABNAM ( is a very strict and very passionate with her culture – therefore her costume must correspond with her nature)
• Finally, JERMAINE dumps SHABNAM in a very harsh way almost making a joke out of their relationship, and leaves her on her knees begging him to take her back.
• But instead he just pushes her face down and walks away – making her look like a fool in front of her friends that were laughing at her..
• In anger and annoyance, she curses him Arabic, while no else can hear.


• After JERMAINE successfully dumps his girlfriend SHABNAM in front of the class and his “boys”, he and his friends then make their way down to the gym – however, JERMAINE forgot his gym bag in the PE locker room – so he makes his way to the locker room departs from his friends, so he can get it and then meet up later.
• While JERMAINE is in the deserted locker room the door automatically locks behind him but makes no sound whatsoever, so JERMAINE continues walking – unaware of the dangers that wait before him.
• As JERMAINE goes deeper and deeper into the locker room, he realises that his possessions are on the floor and one by one they lead to the showers, as he walks the tension builds and so does the sound. By the time he picks up his shorts the showers turn on in an almost erythematic approach, the closer he gets, the much harder the water pouts down as long with the sound.
• When he finally opens the curtains he sees his ex girlfriend SHABNAM with run down eyeliner and mascara, repeating the curse she said in the beginning (with a knife in her hand).
• He quickly runs away to get out – but the door is locked, his banging his screaming in fear and looks back and sees nothing.
• The showers have stopped and the sound is neutral, with this JERMAINE turns around completely and sees a hanging rope still, right in front of his face.
• And then underneath there is a blood trail, JERMAINE follows it in fear and then he sees the writing on the wall in blood saying “BLAH BLAH BLAH!”


• JERMAINE then gets dizzy and sweaty, and sits down on the bench, and tries to understand what is going on, but his losing consciousness.
• He then sits up straight and fixes up, but then he can feel a strong shadow over him, and smell of a very bad breath, he slowly looks up scared of what his about to see – and sees nothing, he breathes out and gets up shaking all his nerves off, turns round and BOOM there’s SHABNAM with a big teddy bear in her arm saying I love you.
• JERMAINE screams bewilderedly, and then the film rewinds all the way back into the beginning to when JERMAINE was about to leave his friends.
• JERMAINE decides not to go into the changing room as he realises it was all just a figure of his imagination – his friends calm him down and loosen him up.
• And when the film is just about to end PATRICK, JERMAINES best friend’s eye has one white contact in it – and winks at the camera then turns into SHABNAM.

Our story is simple in my eyes as it’s just the typical break up story of a guy who dumps girl in front of the entire class – and only went out with her for a joke. In relation to that, the EX decides to get her own back and curses JERMAINE. Which he then later experiences in the locker room – she plays with his mind, everything may seem like reality – but in actual truth it’s simply all in his imagination. But, at the end his nightmare unravels into reality when SHABNAM possess PATRICK’s body.