Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Phineas And Ferb Analysis Review

Phineas and Ferb is a very funny family film for all ages of the family. I understand this because my baby brother whom is now 11years of age enjoys watching it, and sometimes when i have nothing to do either i decide to watch it with him too. It is very funny and applies to each age range.

Phineas and Ferb is about two young boys that are on their summer holiday and have nothing better to do with their time, so they decide to create things at the excitement at their backyard while annoying their sister at the same time. What links this film to my firm to my film is that they are creating experiments and simply just having fun but at the expense of Candice (their older sister) purposely or coincidental. Which is just the same theme as our film - Harry purposely sets up pranks for Jack just or the fun of it and to get back at him. To a certain extent it could be argued that Candice and Harry are exactly the same characters although Harry is the antagonist in our film and Candice is the protagonist in Phineas and Ferb. This is because, Candice is fed-up with Phineas and Ferb never getting caught for what they create and she always ends up looking as the bad and foolish one for all the accusations she makes against her brothers, so bearing this in my mind she seeks "revenge" to get back at her brothers by calling her mum up to catch her brothers out.
Which is the exactly the same as Harry - Harry is fed-up with being picked on by Jack and so seeks avengence for himself by setting up pranks for Jack which successfully goes to plan.

The poster however, is just so lovely to look out, it captures the audience. This is through the use of colours. Colours speak alot to its audience and in this speific film the audience that is being targeted here are young kids and families. Therefore, they had to use colours that they knew would lure their audience in. So the used the colour yellow - yellow denotes summer, fun , happiness, young age, adventure, excitment. The yellow connotations in relation to this film is just happiness and enjoying summer which is exactly what the are dong. However, they also use the colour red, which denotes death, promiscuity, anger, hatred but love at the same time; its a juxtaposition of colours. This could be used to represent Candice as Candice character is very impatient, angry aggressive and selfish but at the same time still a loving sister. Therefore, by combining both colours it paints a different and unrealistic image of the film, as it confuses the audience - however this is not always a bad thing; as it is targeted to kids and the family so it kind of drags the audience in and makes them inquisitive to what the film is actually about.

Secondly, the mise-en-scene elements are also a vital element of this poster, such as the use of body language. The movement of the character in the poster is a very important feature of the entire poster. This is because the two younger brothers are literally just dancing to themselves, Ferb's on the floor with a guitar pretending his a rock star; which just clearly illustrates the small mind he has - he is a kid and his character has to represent gis childish features - adults will never act in this same manner, it it just little children that will be on the floor pretending to be something that their not because its their imagination, this is what lures the kids in, they want to watrch a film that they can relate to not necessarily hae to understand it but just relate to it.
Also, Phineas is on the floor too but not dancing as much as Ferb, he is simply just doing hand gestures to introduce the film, so just through this it could be argued that Phineas is the more authoritative character out of the two brothers as Phineas is more relaxed than his half brother Ferb.
Whereas, Candice is more hostile and angry, you can see just through her body position. She is standing with her hands on her waist, just a typical "mother" position, however by her costume connotes a young girl and not a mother figure. She is also not looking at the camera or the cameras direction, she is looking at something outside of the frame and is just not interested in the setting that she is. Again we have been introduced into another character and her personality just through the mise-e-scene it represents Candice as the uninterested type of character however at the same time a very angry and hostile individual which are te connotations of red which she is wearing with a mixture of white which could be argued that she is trying to be a good person but still has that natural bad streak.

Finally, the Phineas and Ferb Film poster may not be the best film poster that I've seen, but it does relate to their film and it does target its audience. And that's going to be the exact same type of theme that i am gong for, i want my film poster to target my target audience which is mainly everyone as it is targeted to all genres of the family. However, although i want it to target my audience i dont want it to give too many ideas away about my film. Reason why i feel that this poster relates most to my film

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