Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nyla Olasupo ( Year13 )


• More characters would have helped the film. Would have made it more interesting.
• More scenes, different environment, something new not the same old same day to day ordinary scenes – could have been a bit more unique and abstract.
• The funniest thing I ever watched.
• Made complete sense.
• The fact that you completely switched roles with character by turning the bully into a whip and the whim into a bully was just genius – I would have never expected that.
• I would love to watch it at a real cinema, it would just give me pure jokes.

Joshua M.Seki ( Year 6 )


• It was bit too dull – no bright colours.
• It was too exciting for me.
• There wasn’t enough fast pace movement.


• It was really, really funny.
• I liked and enjoyed watching it.
• The characters are so stupid which made it even much funnier.
• I could actually relate to it, as I have seen people get bullied in school, but never seen a victim try to get back at the bully, that was just wonderful.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Jermaine M.Seki ( Year 11 )


• The actor was a disgrace, he was completely just boring, made the film quit boring, looked like he was being force.
• The shots and camera movement was bit too slow at times – like I yawned a few times just staring at it.
• Sound was alright – but inappropriate at times ( natural sound could have been included make it seem more real and less like a film)


• Funniest film I have watched created by unproffessionals.
• The pranks was not all that funny, it was simply the reaction OF the pranks that made me personally laugh.
• The whole school theme was just a great idea – made me relate to it much more.
• It’s a bit of a fantasy – a geek becoming a bully – could never happen in reality but the idea of it, is what makes it even funnier.

Sylvia Lealea Year 9 Student

• The actor was not enthusiastic enough for the film – he was the main let down.
• Was a bit too quick could have been a bit longer, would have more of an effect.
• Camera shots were not the best sometimes

• It was extremely funny, I jus couldn’t stop laughing.
• Although the actor was a bit bad – the narrative kind of suited him and made it sort of alright.
• The whole storyline was precise and accurate – I understood the film completely.
• The sound had a lovely great effect too at some occasions

My Comment System

While conducting audience feedback in regards to my film i made sure that i asked a different ages, different people including starngers too. This was because my friends could be a bit too bias and i want as much criticism as possible, therefore i seeked feedback from strangers as they do not know me and do not owe me anything at all.

Secondly, i also asked people of different ages, simply because my film has NO specific age boundary which makes as diverse as possible. But thios can only be possible if people of different ages actually enjoyed my film. So i asked Year 9 stdents, my brothers whom are 15 and 10, my mum who is a much more mature audience and teenagers and kids - so i could recieve some relative yet productive feedback.

In general, by me asking a range of different people i did have an outcome of very diverse comments but in my opininon this helps me alot 0 as it shows that different people capture my film in different ways, which is the beauty of film and images - its all up to the audience to percieve want they want from the film, my role was to produce and direct the film, and make it something good for the audience. The audience can either love it or hate it.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Film Review Second Draft

After havng some relative on my first film review, i decided to include more information to get my point across. This is because, while i was researching more film magazines i realised that they had alot of detail in every single review, and there was no spaces in the reviews. So baring this in mind,i decided to make sure that had relative and in-depth detail in my review.

Also the whole inspiration of my film review cam from Total Film Magazine. I decided to use this magazine as they are very known and a very developed film magazine company. So i decided to go wit this approach.

Also, i liked the way i which their page was alid out, there was an equal amount of text and mages - so it is open to different sets of audiences. For example for those that do not like to read - the more visal people cold just look at my images and get a genereal view of what the fikm is about. Or for those that just want to know if the films worth watching, and not really interesetd in what its about may just look at the ranking of the film - which is whyi have displayed 5 star ratings, so the audience can know if the film is interestig or not. Furthermore, the use of text is also kept to a minimum, i do want people to watch my film, however, i do not want to tell them everything about my film, therwise what will be the point of watching it? Exactly why there is minimal text so it can be more interesting and informative.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Cory In The House Film Poster Analysis

Cory in the house is a TV Episode Series set up by Disney. It is all about, a young boy named Corey that is currently living with his dad (whom is a cheif for the President of the US) in the white house. While living in the white house - the episode plainly just describes Corey's life and all the adventures he comes across on his way.

Firsty, the poster is the most simple poster i personally have seen; however it also speaks alot about the film itself. It is simple as it just a image of Corey and then a image of the whitehouse. Already, the viewers are introduced to the theme of thefilm. We are aware it is goung to be about Corey and has something to do with a whitehouse, also by his cheecky smile we are already aware that he is up to no good, as he smile invites us in, it just shots out something devious 0 which again shouts out to the audience and lurees them in, as they will infactutiated with the secrecy in the film poster which will force them to go and watch it. This is exactly the same element i wish to go for. I want my viewers to look at my poster and feel something mysterious, i want it to be hidden, something they would have to think about - not something plain and obvious like most comedy posters.

Secondly, the mise en scene element used in this poster; colour denotes alot of key emotions. For example the colour blue denotes feeling of happiness, joy, suprise and innocence. This is the colour of the sky , i personally feel they used cklear blue skies purposely to shw the happiness and love that is exhibited within the film. It also could be argued to a certain extent that it represents the love between the other characters within the film. Such as the relationship between Corey and his dad, the Presidents daughter and her dad, i feel that the mise-en-scene element of colour is a metaphor for the love and harmony within the family/film.

Whereas on the other hand, the image of the whitehouse just sets the scene, it makes us aware that the film is going to be centred around the whitehouse. One particular fact about this poster is that it is very simple. It includes little knowledge of the film itself - it such as simple little clues on what "it could be about".

Personally, in my opinion. i feel that this film poster is perfect. This film poster would have been cost efecient, simple yet imaginative. The use of colours is what lure the audience in. However, you can see that the image of the white house was jus placed on image, Corey the main character was not actually holding it - however its audience will not know this; this is what makes it so imaginative.

This poster as actually expanded my knowledge in how to create a successfl film poster. You can have a range of themes on your poster only IF they relate to your film. Such as a horror movie poster such as " Drag Me To Hell" film poster that i have also uploaded.

Unlike Corey in the House - this film poster represents fear, hell, death, blood, anguish. Simply bt using the mise-en-scene element of colour, and by using a woman screaming being pulled by fire representing Hell. Again we are introduced to the mega theme of death - however it does not give any bit of the film away, which is the same theme i am looking for.

Monday, 13 December 2010

My Film Review

I decided to use this film review design, because it attracted me as an individual. It is formal yet interesting at the same time. Unlike the Radio Magazine, that was largely dominated with text, and had little pictures. This is certainly, not the kind of theme i am looking for my audience, it should be something they should be able to relate too. Because not everyone is a literate person, some people are more visual and abstract, whereas some people just enjoy reading. That is why i went with FILM Magazine that included both elements.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

film magazine research


I had a clear vision of my film and wanted it to capture the audience, however at tyhe same time confuse them as well. Thats why i have used a fade and blur effect to make it a little difficult to see who the person in black is. But what the aiudeince does kno i that the person in black uis the antagonist.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Analysis Review

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is yet another great tv episode series that relates to my film. This film is basically about two young twin brothers that just love to cause chaos within their hotel suite which they live in. It is just an all time family favourite; great for the kids as well as teenagers too.

The setting of the film poster is an hotel suite with green paint. The usual stereotypical image of a hotel suiteis a creamish, gold setting with very much victorian laterns and couches - a very much posh feel. However, this film poster challenges the usual codes and conventions of the "stereotypical" hotel suite, this is because they dont want the usual effect of a hotel suite, they wanted something diferent, odd,m edgy which again is the same connotations as gren, the colour green denotes, edge, guey liquid, boggies, sick, dizziness which is exactly the same theme that is created on set. Aready just by looking at the walls and the ceiling we have been brught into the suite life of zack and cody, whih i think is a great effect.

Secondly, mise-en-scene also plays a huge role in helping the film poster. For example, their costume. The boys Zack and Cody; Zack is wearing a colourfully hooded shirt,whereas, Cody is wearing a blue sweater with a smart shirt inside it. This already introduces us into their chgaracters. It coukd be denoted by Cody's costume he is the much more intellectual, relaxed, diciplined and good respectable brother, whereas Zack on the other hand, is the more chilled, laid-back, troublesome, funny brother. However, in my own opnion i feel that the colour of Zacks costume excluding the yellow does not really represent his character very well, this is one flaw that i have with this poster, to rectify this however, i would have chosen a more colourful t-shirt for him to wear like red something that could stand out. However, it could be argued the reasons in why Zack is wearing grey and yellow, is because grey denotes a more of a boyish colour, its a jaixtaposition of two colours. Yellow denotes; excitment, adventure, happiness, summer and just a genral happy feeling whereas grey on the ther hand is more; sad, sorrowful but dirty, gloomy, angry which in a sense does represent his character. Codey on the other hand his blyue sweatshirt denotes features of a girl, relaxed, simple, happy it is a boy colour however in modern day it is usually worn on her girls. Also Codey's costume is ironed and very straight/neat this represents his character too, it denotes him as a very calm, clean and considerate individual as the stereotypical view of boys is that they do not bother to iron/wash their clothes, however Codey's character clearly challenges this. Whereas, Zack's costume is more scruffy and dirty, which just proves the stereotypical view of most boys, their masculinty that shows that they dont need to take care of what their wear.

Thirdly, the mise-en-scene element of facial expressions. Mr.Moseby (black man in suit) has a more serious and diciplinary face, it could be denoted that he is more angry, hostile and a strict individual, even though he is swinging on a hotel lobby trolly, he still has the seriousness on his face unlike the rest of the peole on the trolley. His behavious and character profile connotes with his costume colours, he is wearing a dark grey suite which denotes, boredom, old age, dull, boyish and just not exciting. Also by him wearing a suit he could be the hotel manager also by the sense of seriousness on his face he looks like the hotel manager.

Leading on, in my own opinion the use of the three other characters in the film poster is completly unnecessary - i do not feel that they needed in the poster, they are just seen as extras and have no real value or contribution to the poster. Maybe this is also because i have watched the film and i have seen their roles which is not as important as the main three which i have mentiones. By the producers using them in the film poster makes me aware, that not everyone in my film has to be captured in the film poster - otherwise what would be the significance of the film, if all the characters have been introduced through the poster?

Lastly, the paper that has writing on it saying "Suite Life of Zack and Codey",just clearly illustrates it is a film made for the family and young kids just because of the choice of text and text colour. It makes it more appealable for young kids, and also because it just brings around the usual comedy element, that the boys have stuck on the screen their names, as if its their room, which makes it unique.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Phineas And Ferb Analysis Review

Phineas and Ferb is a very funny family film for all ages of the family. I understand this because my baby brother whom is now 11years of age enjoys watching it, and sometimes when i have nothing to do either i decide to watch it with him too. It is very funny and applies to each age range.

Phineas and Ferb is about two young boys that are on their summer holiday and have nothing better to do with their time, so they decide to create things at the excitement at their backyard while annoying their sister at the same time. What links this film to my firm to my film is that they are creating experiments and simply just having fun but at the expense of Candice (their older sister) purposely or coincidental. Which is just the same theme as our film - Harry purposely sets up pranks for Jack just or the fun of it and to get back at him. To a certain extent it could be argued that Candice and Harry are exactly the same characters although Harry is the antagonist in our film and Candice is the protagonist in Phineas and Ferb. This is because, Candice is fed-up with Phineas and Ferb never getting caught for what they create and she always ends up looking as the bad and foolish one for all the accusations she makes against her brothers, so bearing this in my mind she seeks "revenge" to get back at her brothers by calling her mum up to catch her brothers out.
Which is the exactly the same as Harry - Harry is fed-up with being picked on by Jack and so seeks avengence for himself by setting up pranks for Jack which successfully goes to plan.

The poster however, is just so lovely to look out, it captures the audience. This is through the use of colours. Colours speak alot to its audience and in this speific film the audience that is being targeted here are young kids and families. Therefore, they had to use colours that they knew would lure their audience in. So the used the colour yellow - yellow denotes summer, fun , happiness, young age, adventure, excitment. The yellow connotations in relation to this film is just happiness and enjoying summer which is exactly what the are dong. However, they also use the colour red, which denotes death, promiscuity, anger, hatred but love at the same time; its a juxtaposition of colours. This could be used to represent Candice as Candice character is very impatient, angry aggressive and selfish but at the same time still a loving sister. Therefore, by combining both colours it paints a different and unrealistic image of the film, as it confuses the audience - however this is not always a bad thing; as it is targeted to kids and the family so it kind of drags the audience in and makes them inquisitive to what the film is actually about.

Secondly, the mise-en-scene elements are also a vital element of this poster, such as the use of body language. The movement of the character in the poster is a very important feature of the entire poster. This is because the two younger brothers are literally just dancing to themselves, Ferb's on the floor with a guitar pretending his a rock star; which just clearly illustrates the small mind he has - he is a kid and his character has to represent gis childish features - adults will never act in this same manner, it it just little children that will be on the floor pretending to be something that their not because its their imagination, this is what lures the kids in, they want to watrch a film that they can relate to not necessarily hae to understand it but just relate to it.
Also, Phineas is on the floor too but not dancing as much as Ferb, he is simply just doing hand gestures to introduce the film, so just through this it could be argued that Phineas is the more authoritative character out of the two brothers as Phineas is more relaxed than his half brother Ferb.
Whereas, Candice is more hostile and angry, you can see just through her body position. She is standing with her hands on her waist, just a typical "mother" position, however by her costume connotes a young girl and not a mother figure. She is also not looking at the camera or the cameras direction, she is looking at something outside of the frame and is just not interested in the setting that she is. Again we have been introduced into another character and her personality just through the mise-e-scene it represents Candice as the uninterested type of character however at the same time a very angry and hostile individual which are te connotations of red which she is wearing with a mixture of white which could be argued that she is trying to be a good person but still has that natural bad streak.

Finally, the Phineas and Ferb Film poster may not be the best film poster that I've seen, but it does relate to their film and it does target its audience. And that's going to be the exact same type of theme that i am gong for, i want my film poster to target my target audience which is mainly everyone as it is targeted to all genres of the family. However, although i want it to target my audience i dont want it to give too many ideas away about my film. Reason why i feel that this poster relates most to my film

Monday, 6 December 2010


Home Alone is the one film that truely relates to "Fix Up, Look Hard". This is because the whole plot of the film, is a little boy "Richard" gaining confidence and over powering the antagonists.

The film is filled with comedy and laughter all throughout simplty because of the pranks. The pranks and jokes that Richard plays on the antagonists is what makes the film so funny. How can a little 10 year old boy be schooling grown adults - a complete role reversal. Just like in my film the Harry the nerd plays pranks on the school bully - which clearly goes beyond the stereotype of a school nerd. Ths is why i thought to myself that Home Alone will be he best fim to seek ideas from.

Moving on, the film poster kind of introduces the setting as the antagonists are behind a skyscraper lurking out to see Richard. While the protagnist Richard is just sitting down reading newspaper as young as he is. Again that brings in the comedy element. Richard sitting down infront of a skyscraper with a newspaper in his hands while looking at the camera with a cheecky smile. It has the comedy element o it.

Just through the poster we are introduced the narrative of the film. The audience could guess the film will be about those two antagonists behind the skyscraper trying to kidnapp the boy for money. This is because as they little kid is sitting right infront of the skyscraper it may denote that his parents or family owns it, while he is also reading a newspaper it shows he has very good intellectual skills and maybe somebody from the higher class due to his costume. However, it brings along that comedy element, due to that cheecky liuttle smile he has on his face, which kind of invites the audience in, the little smurk lures us in as we want to know, does Richard know if the two antagonists are behind him, is it a trap? All these questions racing through the audiences mindjust through pne still image.

Also, the colours used in the poster is dark blue which denotes, gloominess, hostility, worries and probably something bad that is going to happen. Dark blue is the colour of the clouds, this may represent