Monday, 22 November 2010

Problems And Difficulties

While in the making of our film we had faced a number of difficulties and challenges as the gap from AS Opening sequence to A2 Film Production is indeed very massive demmanding

Firstly, our first problem was our shots. Due to the lack of equipment the shots we had hoped to use were not advisable as it will look amuture. Such shots like "depth of view" which i had hoped to use for Harry when looking at the poster just to show the reflection from the poster on to his eyes. But this was unattainable due to lighting so we had change it to something different yet imaginative but also duable.

Secondly,another problem was our cast (Edward Obeng). Our cast simply did not know how to acvt and so was very distraught to do so. Therefore, we had to literally force him to do things he would not want to do.

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