Friday, 17 December 2010

Film Review Second Draft

After havng some relative on my first film review, i decided to include more information to get my point across. This is because, while i was researching more film magazines i realised that they had alot of detail in every single review, and there was no spaces in the reviews. So baring this in mind,i decided to make sure that had relative and in-depth detail in my review.

Also the whole inspiration of my film review cam from Total Film Magazine. I decided to use this magazine as they are very known and a very developed film magazine company. So i decided to go wit this approach.

Also, i liked the way i which their page was alid out, there was an equal amount of text and mages - so it is open to different sets of audiences. For example for those that do not like to read - the more visal people cold just look at my images and get a genereal view of what the fikm is about. Or for those that just want to know if the films worth watching, and not really interesetd in what its about may just look at the ranking of the film - which is whyi have displayed 5 star ratings, so the audience can know if the film is interestig or not. Furthermore, the use of text is also kept to a minimum, i do want people to watch my film, however, i do not want to tell them everything about my film, therwise what will be the point of watching it? Exactly why there is minimal text so it can be more interesting and informative.

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