Thursday, 30 September 2010

What have you learnt about when these shorts were made?

I have learn that the majority of the shorts were made on not so much money, in fact some even used just 65 just to make the film, this proves in order to make a good movie, it does not necessarily have to cost as much. However, in my eyes to make a successful movie it should be a bit costly, as it would gain full recognition via the press. Such as Slumdog Millionaire, they spent over a thousand on just online marketing, which gained them a massive audience, and also improved their profit, whereas short films will not gain as much recognition.

However, one thing i did learn from short films, is that they capture a lot more original shots.

How is the Directors style shown? Is it still the same?

The director's styles vary from film to film, they just don't stick to one genre - and i think for a director to be successful they should just not be known for a particular genre - otherwise they will not be as publicized and known as all the rest.
For example, James Cameron is a prime example of such, his great "Titanic" was more of a romance movie which opened up to a big wide audience and brought in millions. However, although it was a successful romantic movie, that did not mean it had to stick with that same genre. Ten years on he created AVATAR which was the complete reverse of TITANIC it was sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and some could argue romance but i personally would disagree. Although it was not as successful as the GREAT TITANIC it was still a very big hit!

Close up of Amelie

This shot is very plain and simple, and exactly why i like it. This is the first clear shot we ever see of Amelia grown up - and it its just very sharp and gives a clear image of her face. Her facial expression is light, easy, simple with a little bit of sexy because of the red lipstick, as the connotations of red are seductive, prerogative and mysterious, also her black hair just adds a little bit more mystery to it as well.

Nevertheless this image is another example of the gloominess in the background, they make the background weary so the audience will not focus on the main charcater at the person in the centre of the frame.


This shot is a medium long shot. It also could be seen as an establishing shot, as it shows/sets the setting. This shot in my words is original, i must say that i have never come upon any kind of shot like this. Father is wearing white which is a cliche as most fathers are usually wearing black. But anyway, the main reason in why i am in love with this image is because of the lighting and color. The foreground is brownish and bright, which i think they did purposely, to show and emphasize the innocence of a Father. But then as it leads in to the church - all you can see is darkness which denotes danger, death, anger generally just negative.

Low Shot of Mother Amanda

This shot to me is very significant as it crops out everything else around the scene and just focuses on the mother's face and emotions. Although a tourist is just about die, the camera doesn't seem to care, and gives a more in-proportional effect to the camera so we can see Amanda's face.

I love this picture simply because it cuts everyone in the frame out, and just concentrates on Amanda, and it reminds me of some famous painter, that used a mix of color to add a gloomy effect yet to also keep the main effect on the character not anything else, which is exactly the camera did with Amanda.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sky Window

This image is taken from a left angle, I'm not really sure in why i had actually taken this image, but i think its just so beautiful.
This is because in the way you can see the sky, then you see whiteness "blankness" then even further you just see black. It just different.
But, the shapes in the frame are lovely, there's a mix of triangles and circles, which is a juxtaposition - but its just beautiful.

Within a movie genre i would probably place it within the fantasy genre - simply because of the sky, and because is just something different and something you will probably not expect in our world - exactly the reason why it would look good within the fantasy genre.

Going Down?

This image is also nothing special at all, but i love it because of the lighting. As you can see it is sort of bright but there is some sort of shade also blocking the light (that shade being my shadow), it kind of gives it that weary effect, which would of been more effective at night, but is still a good effect anyhow.

This shot would be good for a horror genre kind of movie - as i can simply imagine a girl below the stairs begging for someone to let her free or something along those terms but we will not be able to see the persons face or body - all we will be able to see is their shadow and it crowding in on her.

Separation of Glue

This is definitely not one of my most interesting photos like the other, however, it is one of my meaningful photos.
I had intentionally separated the two pots of glue, to make a separation of the two objects. One day in class our class teacher had taught us that one single line could separate two people that are standing/sitting right next to one another. This was the sort effect that i was looking for.
Although, you cannot see the entire image of the two objects, it is good enough for you to see that they are separated or that they are opposing one another, which was the exact theme i was going for.
This sort of image could be used in all sorts of genres and films, crime, family dramas, romantic comedy and the list continues.

Red & White Squares

This is by far not one of my best shots, however, it is one that displays a lot. For example, the shapes, color and lighting within this shot is extraordinary, in the way the shapes are formed and placed on the wall like in some sort of unrehearsed order, makes it even more unique. Leading on towards the lighting makes it even more interesting, as the it gets lighter from left to right and vice versa. Also the color of the shapes is red, whereas the color of the wall is creamish and white. The connotations of red is "sin, danger, anger, love and sex". Whereas, the color of white is the complete opposite, white has the connotations of "purity, innocence, clean". This even adds to the effect of uniqueness by bringing such opposite colors together and making them one.

Lastly, in which sort of film genre will i place this image in, probably a sci-fi film, simply because of the squares but i am not to sure.


This image displays lighting and good use of angles. As i took this image from an low angle and from the left it gave it a very powerful position in seeing the different shapes and lighting.
I love this hot simply because its different - and its just a simple shot of a corridor yet so much is captured. For example the shapes that can be seen are very different, some are oval and some are square, such as the box which is square, and opposite from all the other oval images.

Im not sure in what sort of genre i would classify this image, actually if anything it would probably be in adventure, such as a CSI scene or something.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Tag Line - 5 friends. 1 Secret. No Way Out.

Group of 5 girls who killed their friend Lisa. However, this story is told through a dream.
The story is introduced in Esther's bedroom (which should be pink) and just one girl on the bed reading a magazine another looking at herself in the mirror and then two dancing to music and just joking about. But then Lisa accidentally pushes ViviKa then ViviKa pushes her back and before you know it an argument begins between them both and they start a fight. But ViviKa gets extraordinarily out of control and gets a lamp and smacks it on Lisa's head, then she automatically drops to the floor and you can see the blood spill, the scream they shout and ViviKa just stands there with the lamp in her hand, Sooner or later they decide to drop her body in the basement while their still crying and lock up. They go back up to the bedroom and clear up and decide not to tell anyone and keep it a secret. Then when they are about to leave the house to go out to a party they hear a scream and they look back and see Lisa then they awake from the dream - by this time i will use an edit effect to split the screen into four cuts so we can see all their facial expressions. Then they turn to left and there's Lisa with the lamp and it ends with a scream.

Two Can Play That Game

Two Can play That Game is a very late film which was made in the early 90's. However, even though i was not alive when this film was created this is still a lovely heart-warming movie to watch.

It could be classified as a documentary type of film - but its simply the characters documentary. It is a about a woman named Shante that is trying to teach fellow women on how to keep their man with herself as the example.

This film will most definitely be targeted at a more niche audience as it is more relevant to women and more likely black women as it was created and based in the southern side of America.

The reason in which i like this film so much and why its apart of my top 5 is because its one of the most simplest film ideas that i have ever watched. Just about one woman teaching her boyfriend 7 lessons and we are taken through the lessons with her.

Bad Boys 1 & 2 and soon to come 3

Bad Boys is another great movie sequel that i enjoy its just so thrilling and adventurous and keeps you engaged for the entire time, There is not one time in the movie when you want to take your eyes of the screen for a single second. This is not only because of the cinematography its also because of the sound the actors and just the plot. The audience never know if a film is going to be good they just see it because of how it looks and not HOW it sounds, So in order for me to achieve the best grade in my A2 i need to engage and immediately attract my audience through what they see on the screen (cinematography) this may be exceptionally hard, but all i need to do is have a simple idea and execution it well and I've succeeded.

Such as in Bad Boys the use of mise en scene was just fantastic, the colors of the explosives the drugs mixed and combined with the lighting was just extraordinary. This is because their plot and story was just simple and nothing special to it at all. It was just two cops tracking down some Russian Mafia's that were selling drugs - simple! however, the way in which the cinematographer made it look was just beautiful and amazing which made the viewers eyes glued to the cinema screen.

This is definitely one effect that i want my audience to have - therefore there is no need of words or sound if the mise en scene element and lighting is used correctly my coursework could be perfect!

Barbershop 1 & 2

This is one of my favorite movies simply because i just love comedy!
It has a range of stars in it from Eve to Ice Cube and one most America's most famous stars Cedric the Entertainer. He is one of the actors that i absolute enjoy watching has he is just so energetic and very interesting to watch and relate too.

Barbershop 1 is about the main character Calvin (Ice Cube) is a struggling father trying to bring up his family while handling a worthless barbershop he inherited from his late father. The twist of the film is that he sales the shop to the town villain Lester Wallace (Keith David). Whom mislead Calvin before signing the contract over him. However at the end of the day everything was resolved - the barbershop was out of debt after gaining a reward for returning a cash machine which was stolen by some dumb thieves. All in all it was just great. A great comedy and family film.

This is the kind off effect i want my audience to feel when i make my own film - even if its for 5mins and with no sound or word i want them to feel the fun and excitement i felt.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Everydays The Same

Tag - Line: Everyone has a secret

Pitch - My short film will be based on a girl whose name is Cassie. Cassie is a Year 12 Girl whom is experiencing bullying. This is different because usually by the age of 16/17 bullying usually ends, however with Cassie it just begins.

Treatment - We are introduced to Cassie in a classroom by herself reading books and just enjoy her time by herself, then bring out a picture of her mum, whom has passed away, and then tears fill her eyes. Then I will switch to outside the classroom and see someone's feet in boots walking very hastily and angry towards the classroom, then I’ll switch back to Cassie and realise she has fled top the bathroom to throw up - as that’s the only way to release the pain of her mom's tragic death. (Somewhere, somehow I will try to include a quick flashback to Cassies's life with her mom and how she died in a car crash and screams and sirens).
Then we will have a close up of Cassies's face and see the ultimate tears in her eyes and she runs out the room.

Then “THE BULLY” arrives to the classroom and sees the chair swinging yet no Cassie, after hearing groans from the girls bathroom “THE BULLY” goes to the toilets. Then we Cassie on her knees throwing up then she is suddenly pulled back by her hair and dragged across the toilet floor (all the audience can see is her facial expressions) and her plea for the girl to stop the music will be up beat and tension.

Finally "THE BULLY" leaves her alone and pushes her to the floor into the corner and then suddenly three other people appear, we can still not see the identities of the bullies all we can see is the shadow and the fear in Cassie's eyes – which I then zoom out to the edge of “THE BULLY” hands

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Never Know Your Name

Tag Line - Hate That I Love You

Pitch - Basic love story of "boy loves girl" and "girl loves boy". However this is with a twist as they are ultimate strangers to one another.

Treatment - Firstly Lizzy is a teenager in college (just the usual stereotypical average teenager) who really just cares about her friends, family, fashion and her “mysterious boyfriend” whom she has never ever spoken to in her life. Likewise with Jamie it is the same scenario he is also the normal stereotypical view of a male teenager whom is just concerned about football, friends, PS3 and his “mysterious girlfriend”.

So I will introduce the scene in the school girls toilets to show Lizzy getting ready applying her make-up using a mid-shot through the mirror so we can see her face and then use a panning shot to show the setting. Then we swiftly transit to the boys locker room via a pan to show Jamie getting ready for college too.

Then I will switch back to Lizzy and show her getting ready to lave the bathroom and she walks through the hallways – then switch back to Jamie as he walks through the corridors while the music is building up the tension rises. Then suddenly Lizzy receives a phone call and all we can see are her facial expressions ( you will not be able to figure out what she is saying all the audience will know is that she is angry and shocked). Then suddenly Jamie receives another phone-call from a private number and the camera will zoom in to a medium close-up and we can see his reaction which is completely different from Lizzy’s his expressions are more frightened, scared, worried ( this is switch of “stereotypical characteristics) then he starts to run, and Lizzy is walking with an attitude. Then finally they bump into one another, Lizzy with tears in her eyes and a photo in her hand and Jamie with the same photo, they put it up together and they realise. . .


In tribute to the film's groundbreaking visuals -- a combination of live-action and computer-generated images -- the award for cinematography went to Mauro Fiore for his work on director James Cameron's "Avatar." The film was shot using high-definition digital cameras and a system for creating 3-D effects invented specifically for the film.

"I want to thank the academy for this unbelievable honor," said the 45-year-old Italian-born Fiore, who received his first Oscar nomination for "Avatar." He then referred to Cameron as a "visionary."

Backstage, Fiore said the "Avatar" victory marked "the first time a film has won that has so much computer-generated imagery and live-action together, so this is a huge revolution for the industry."