Monday, 20 December 2010

My Comment System

While conducting audience feedback in regards to my film i made sure that i asked a different ages, different people including starngers too. This was because my friends could be a bit too bias and i want as much criticism as possible, therefore i seeked feedback from strangers as they do not know me and do not owe me anything at all.

Secondly, i also asked people of different ages, simply because my film has NO specific age boundary which makes as diverse as possible. But thios can only be possible if people of different ages actually enjoyed my film. So i asked Year 9 stdents, my brothers whom are 15 and 10, my mum who is a much more mature audience and teenagers and kids - so i could recieve some relative yet productive feedback.

In general, by me asking a range of different people i did have an outcome of very diverse comments but in my opininon this helps me alot 0 as it shows that different people capture my film in different ways, which is the beauty of film and images - its all up to the audience to percieve want they want from the film, my role was to produce and direct the film, and make it something good for the audience. The audience can either love it or hate it.

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