Friday, 2 July 2010


Comedy - Mr.Bean is a also a silent movie which is targeted toward all members of the public and is not ethnocentric.Such as it is centred people of a particular age like from 16-21's neither is is gender specific, like movies like "Too Fast Too Furious". It is opened to everyone.
This is was made Mr.Bean very successful, as it had no target age, no target gender or and no target audience, which made it opened to all areas of the public. Which is what i am planning to do with my film. As i want my short film to be acceptable for all media audiences (kids, teens, adults, senior citizens)
Also Mr.Bean was only half an hour long, yet had a massive effect on the consumers. Therefore, although my movie is only going to be 5mins long i can still make a very innovative and unique film.
However, the genre of my film is yet to be confirmed as i still have not fully thought about it yet. But, comedy doe seem like the easiest way to go - moreover, it is attractive to most audiences, but i am not looking for the easiest way i am looking for an original way. But Mr.Bean is spectacular and this theme and genre will certainly be one of my choices.