Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Cory In The House Film Poster Analysis

Cory in the house is a TV Episode Series set up by Disney. It is all about, a young boy named Corey that is currently living with his dad (whom is a cheif for the President of the US) in the white house. While living in the white house - the episode plainly just describes Corey's life and all the adventures he comes across on his way.

Firsty, the poster is the most simple poster i personally have seen; however it also speaks alot about the film itself. It is simple as it just a image of Corey and then a image of the whitehouse. Already, the viewers are introduced to the theme of thefilm. We are aware it is goung to be about Corey and has something to do with a whitehouse, also by his cheecky smile we are already aware that he is up to no good, as he smile invites us in, it just shots out something devious 0 which again shouts out to the audience and lurees them in, as they will infactutiated with the secrecy in the film poster which will force them to go and watch it. This is exactly the same element i wish to go for. I want my viewers to look at my poster and feel something mysterious, i want it to be hidden, something they would have to think about - not something plain and obvious like most comedy posters.

Secondly, the mise en scene element used in this poster; colour denotes alot of key emotions. For example the colour blue denotes feeling of happiness, joy, suprise and innocence. This is the colour of the sky , i personally feel they used cklear blue skies purposely to shw the happiness and love that is exhibited within the film. It also could be argued to a certain extent that it represents the love between the other characters within the film. Such as the relationship between Corey and his dad, the Presidents daughter and her dad, i feel that the mise-en-scene element of colour is a metaphor for the love and harmony within the family/film.

Whereas on the other hand, the image of the whitehouse just sets the scene, it makes us aware that the film is going to be centred around the whitehouse. One particular fact about this poster is that it is very simple. It includes little knowledge of the film itself - it such as simple little clues on what "it could be about".

Personally, in my opinion. i feel that this film poster is perfect. This film poster would have been cost efecient, simple yet imaginative. The use of colours is what lure the audience in. However, you can see that the image of the white house was jus placed on image, Corey the main character was not actually holding it - however its audience will not know this; this is what makes it so imaginative.

This poster as actually expanded my knowledge in how to create a successfl film poster. You can have a range of themes on your poster only IF they relate to your film. Such as a horror movie poster such as " Drag Me To Hell" film poster that i have also uploaded.

Unlike Corey in the House - this film poster represents fear, hell, death, blood, anguish. Simply bt using the mise-en-scene element of colour, and by using a woman screaming being pulled by fire representing Hell. Again we are introduced to the mega theme of death - however it does not give any bit of the film away, which is the same theme i am looking for.

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