Sunday, 19 September 2010

Two Can Play That Game

Two Can play That Game is a very late film which was made in the early 90's. However, even though i was not alive when this film was created this is still a lovely heart-warming movie to watch.

It could be classified as a documentary type of film - but its simply the characters documentary. It is a about a woman named Shante that is trying to teach fellow women on how to keep their man with herself as the example.

This film will most definitely be targeted at a more niche audience as it is more relevant to women and more likely black women as it was created and based in the southern side of America.

The reason in which i like this film so much and why its apart of my top 5 is because its one of the most simplest film ideas that i have ever watched. Just about one woman teaching her boyfriend 7 lessons and we are taken through the lessons with her.

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