Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Everydays The Same

Tag - Line: Everyone has a secret

Pitch - My short film will be based on a girl whose name is Cassie. Cassie is a Year 12 Girl whom is experiencing bullying. This is different because usually by the age of 16/17 bullying usually ends, however with Cassie it just begins.

Treatment - We are introduced to Cassie in a classroom by herself reading books and just enjoy her time by herself, then bring out a picture of her mum, whom has passed away, and then tears fill her eyes. Then I will switch to outside the classroom and see someone's feet in boots walking very hastily and angry towards the classroom, then I’ll switch back to Cassie and realise she has fled top the bathroom to throw up - as that’s the only way to release the pain of her mom's tragic death. (Somewhere, somehow I will try to include a quick flashback to Cassies's life with her mom and how she died in a car crash and screams and sirens).
Then we will have a close up of Cassies's face and see the ultimate tears in her eyes and she runs out the room.

Then “THE BULLY” arrives to the classroom and sees the chair swinging yet no Cassie, after hearing groans from the girls bathroom “THE BULLY” goes to the toilets. Then we Cassie on her knees throwing up then she is suddenly pulled back by her hair and dragged across the toilet floor (all the audience can see is her facial expressions) and her plea for the girl to stop the music will be up beat and tension.

Finally "THE BULLY" leaves her alone and pushes her to the floor into the corner and then suddenly three other people appear, we can still not see the identities of the bullies all we can see is the shadow and the fear in Cassie's eyes – which I then zoom out to the edge of “THE BULLY” hands

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