Thursday, 30 September 2010

How is the Directors style shown? Is it still the same?

The director's styles vary from film to film, they just don't stick to one genre - and i think for a director to be successful they should just not be known for a particular genre - otherwise they will not be as publicized and known as all the rest.
For example, James Cameron is a prime example of such, his great "Titanic" was more of a romance movie which opened up to a big wide audience and brought in millions. However, although it was a successful romantic movie, that did not mean it had to stick with that same genre. Ten years on he created AVATAR which was the complete reverse of TITANIC it was sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and some could argue romance but i personally would disagree. Although it was not as successful as the GREAT TITANIC it was still a very big hit!

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