Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Never Know Your Name

Tag Line - Hate That I Love You

Pitch - Basic love story of "boy loves girl" and "girl loves boy". However this is with a twist as they are ultimate strangers to one another.

Treatment - Firstly Lizzy is a teenager in college (just the usual stereotypical average teenager) who really just cares about her friends, family, fashion and her “mysterious boyfriend” whom she has never ever spoken to in her life. Likewise with Jamie it is the same scenario he is also the normal stereotypical view of a male teenager whom is just concerned about football, friends, PS3 and his “mysterious girlfriend”.

So I will introduce the scene in the school girls toilets to show Lizzy getting ready applying her make-up using a mid-shot through the mirror so we can see her face and then use a panning shot to show the setting. Then we swiftly transit to the boys locker room via a pan to show Jamie getting ready for college too.

Then I will switch back to Lizzy and show her getting ready to lave the bathroom and she walks through the hallways – then switch back to Jamie as he walks through the corridors while the music is building up the tension rises. Then suddenly Lizzy receives a phone call and all we can see are her facial expressions ( you will not be able to figure out what she is saying all the audience will know is that she is angry and shocked). Then suddenly Jamie receives another phone-call from a private number and the camera will zoom in to a medium close-up and we can see his reaction which is completely different from Lizzy’s his expressions are more frightened, scared, worried ( this is switch of “stereotypical characteristics) then he starts to run, and Lizzy is walking with an attitude. Then finally they bump into one another, Lizzy with tears in her eyes and a photo in her hand and Jamie with the same photo, they put it up together and they realise. . .

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