Sunday, 26 September 2010

Red & White Squares

This is by far not one of my best shots, however, it is one that displays a lot. For example, the shapes, color and lighting within this shot is extraordinary, in the way the shapes are formed and placed on the wall like in some sort of unrehearsed order, makes it even more unique. Leading on towards the lighting makes it even more interesting, as the it gets lighter from left to right and vice versa. Also the color of the shapes is red, whereas the color of the wall is creamish and white. The connotations of red is "sin, danger, anger, love and sex". Whereas, the color of white is the complete opposite, white has the connotations of "purity, innocence, clean". This even adds to the effect of uniqueness by bringing such opposite colors together and making them one.

Lastly, in which sort of film genre will i place this image in, probably a sci-fi film, simply because of the squares but i am not to sure.

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