Sunday, 19 September 2010

Barbershop 1 & 2

This is one of my favorite movies simply because i just love comedy!
It has a range of stars in it from Eve to Ice Cube and one most America's most famous stars Cedric the Entertainer. He is one of the actors that i absolute enjoy watching has he is just so energetic and very interesting to watch and relate too.

Barbershop 1 is about the main character Calvin (Ice Cube) is a struggling father trying to bring up his family while handling a worthless barbershop he inherited from his late father. The twist of the film is that he sales the shop to the town villain Lester Wallace (Keith David). Whom mislead Calvin before signing the contract over him. However at the end of the day everything was resolved - the barbershop was out of debt after gaining a reward for returning a cash machine which was stolen by some dumb thieves. All in all it was just great. A great comedy and family film.

This is the kind off effect i want my audience to feel when i make my own film - even if its for 5mins and with no sound or word i want them to feel the fun and excitement i felt.

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