Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bad Boys 1 & 2 and soon to come 3

Bad Boys is another great movie sequel that i enjoy its just so thrilling and adventurous and keeps you engaged for the entire time, There is not one time in the movie when you want to take your eyes of the screen for a single second. This is not only because of the cinematography its also because of the sound the actors and just the plot. The audience never know if a film is going to be good they just see it because of how it looks and not HOW it sounds, So in order for me to achieve the best grade in my A2 i need to engage and immediately attract my audience through what they see on the screen (cinematography) this may be exceptionally hard, but all i need to do is have a simple idea and execution it well and I've succeeded.

Such as in Bad Boys the use of mise en scene was just fantastic, the colors of the explosives the drugs mixed and combined with the lighting was just extraordinary. This is because their plot and story was just simple and nothing special to it at all. It was just two cops tracking down some Russian Mafia's that were selling drugs - simple! however, the way in which the cinematographer made it look was just beautiful and amazing which made the viewers eyes glued to the cinema screen.

This is definitely one effect that i want my audience to have - therefore there is no need of words or sound if the mise en scene element and lighting is used correctly my coursework could be perfect!

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