Thursday, 7 October 2010


STRIPES is a great short film for color and lighting. This is because i just found it amazing how they did their lighting, the setting was completely white, yet they were still able to give a blurry and mysterious effect, which is great, and it was very effective.
Also the colors used was also very interesting, they used blueish,whitish lighting, not just the ordinary conventional colors that we are all used to seeing like black - for mystery and white - for a suprisement, they decided to make it original; this is what made it just spectacular to look at, and kept myself and the entire class engaged.

Another positive of this film was the narrative, the narrative was a simple idea - a kid getting bullied and seeks revenge . . . 10 years later, that was the twist. This is one key thing i have to have in my mind while creating my own film - i have to be very original - i have never watched a film about a man that seeks revenge for getting bullied 10 years down the line - it is original, a simple idea but with a terrific twist!
Also the film was shot in one room, that is also what stood out to me, the film was like 10mins long, however, it was set in a room not even a house like the others, it was set in a single room and still had a massive effect.

However, although it had a great narrative and great lighting, the shots that were taken was very, very weak! All that i was seeing was close-up's, mid-shots and over the shoulder shots, they did not present their technical ability very well at all, it seemed basic, but because of the use of lighting (at times not even necessary) it made it look average.

If i was to base this film on narrative it will get a 6/10 but if i was to base it just on the technical aspects - they failed tremendously.

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