Thursday, 7 October 2010


The narrative of this film in my opinion was the greatest out of all of them. This is because it was the simple story - maid having affair with her boss then fails pregnant, goes to abort it but pretends then pretends about the entire thing, she was never pregnant and runs away with the families money. It seems complicated but it is definitely original as the stereotypical view of maids is that they have no backbone an not a mind of their own, but in this short film they completely turned the tables on this character and made her seem like a weakling but she was really the protagonist all along. This is what i will bare in mind while making my film - ensure that things do not seem to obvious, this is because once your audience knows what is about to happen, that is when you have lost them and lost their interest.

Moving on, the use of camera was definitely a very good element in this film - this is the only film i can say that had good shots and good narrative, the only one i enjoyed out of the lot. The camera had a variety of shots from close up to maids face,m from a long shot of little boy in his bed sleeping, establishing shots of the train station, high angles, low angles, they used as many shots as possible and very appropriately.

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