Thursday, 7 October 2010


The narrative of this film to me had a purpose and meaning but i personally found it boring, i have watched a lot of films on racism and immigration this film did not challenge the codes and conventions of film, therefore in my books it failed. This is a good example - of how i do NOT want my film to turn out, it was exciting - yes, but i did not get the message and it was not original.

However, unlike STRIPES this film had a diverse of shots in it, which really helped myself to get into the film - even though i did not enjoy it or understand the narrative, the shots still kept me engaged. Their shots were very powerful, one that i really liked was of the one with the black guy coming home to his wife, through the glass window - i just felt it was a strong shot simply because the window were broken and that could represent his life, his an immigrant that has just stabbed his friend, then the shot reverse shot to his wife, was just like the reversal of personalities. The wife is calm and loving, sweet, whereas he is brutal, confused and angry.

Also, i had noticed that the weather usually corresponded with the mood for example, while it was raining when the black guy was stabbing his friend. The weather was angry, restless and disturbed which are all the same characteristics with the black guy.

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