Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Adventure of Babashola Treatment

The adventure of Babashola Treatment (3 Draft)

Tagline: Maps don’t always take you were you want to go!

The main character is (Babashola) who is a quite nerd and gets bullied by a ring leader called Jermaine. He knows Jermaine likes maps and coincidently finds a map fall down from a shelf with paper after hitting the wall with his chair angrily which gives him and idea. He starts the pranks.


• Baba walks into class sitting opposite everyone and looking at each classmate doing their own thing (brushing hair, reading book etc)

• He then sees Jermaine who is always bullying him reading a map and then he sees him.

• He gets him out and squirts water in his face and all over his books and bag.

• When this finishes he looks at everyone smiling walking away and sees Jermaine walking of with everyone laughing as if nothing has gone on.

• Baba gets really emotional and sad that everyone is happy apart from him

• Baba later forgets about what happened and offers to do community service in an office.

• As he’s doing his community service he begins to draw and include things that have happened to him in his life.

• As he is drawing he remembers all the negative things including Jermaine bullying him and gets really emotional and sad and pushes his hair into the wall.

• Everything on the shelf falls over and he begins to pick them up.

• He spots a brown old map among all the letters and picks it up to what it is.

• He realizes it is an old map and puts it with all the other letters but pulls it back out again and gets a flashback of Jermaine reading his map.

• He looks at the camera smiling /winking showing he has a idea.


• Later on, on that day he begins to look at the map he found and draws his own one with pranks looking alike the one he found. (Lots of montage and shorts of him doing this).
• On map he puts this

1) Put Superglue on the chair that Jermaine will be sitting on.

2) Slippery liquid outside floor of classroom (As everyone would have left Baba puts slippery liquid on the floor outside classroom so when Jermaine finally gets of his chair he will fall over).

3) Place clear tape across the outside of a door from top to bottom (Jermaine will run into it as he is in a hurry to get home).

4) The lights then all turn off which frighten Jermaine (He then sees Baba on the other side and gets up to get him)

But a teacher catches Jermaine and gives him detention.

Babashola then walks of with his map.

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