Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Self Defence Treatment

Self Defense
3rd Draft

Tagline: Geeks are bullies to.

HARRY is a little, meek boy that is experiencing bullying by the top guy JACK. HARRY is too ashamed to tell anyone so he keeps it to himself. But today is the day he decides to seek revenge on JACK.


• HARRY walks into school with a happy mood like always, keeping himself to himself, whereas everyone else is entering the school gates with their friends.
• HARRY then sees JACK while entering his class and has a sick feeling and a sense of fear on his face.


• An hour goes by and the school bell rings, symbolizing that class is over, you hear see two boys run out laughing and pointing and run away.
• HARRY then comes out the class soaked with water, while people walk past (preferably girls) walk past and point and laugh.
• HARRY gets angry and sad that he has no-one to confide in then runs off the scene.
• HARRY then tries to take things off of his mind, and offers to do community service. (Present this by a hand giving him the “community service” card)
• As HARRY is doing his community service he begins to draw and include all the terrible things that has ever occurred in his life.
• As HARRY is drawing the only things that he seems to draw are in regards to JACK, with this though he gets frustrated and pushes a chair into the cupboard without thought.
• Exactly soon after this happens everything untop of the cupboard falls unto the floor.


•Coincidently a magazine about pranks and jokes falls down in front of Harry
•HARRY then has a quick flashback of what had happened first period with JACK.
• HARRY looks at the camera smiling /winking showing he has an idea.


• Later on, on that day HARRY begins to go through the magazine and sees all the funny pranks that are included in the magazine.
• In relation to this HARRY then hatches a cunning plan to seek revenge on JACK by producing a Prank. HARRY then writes them all down in this specific order listed below:

1) Put Superglue on the chair that JERMAINE will be sitting on.

2) Slippery liquid outside floor of classroom (As everyone would have left Baba puts slippery liquid on the floor outside classroom so when JERMAINE finally gets of his chair he will fall over).

3) Place clear tape across the outside of a door from top to bottom (JERMAINE will run into it as he is in a hurry to get home).

4) He then runs out frantically through the media corridor.


• The next day HARRY comes into school, with a new personality. JACK is still very angry with what happened to him yesterday and happy slaps HARRY to gain his authority back.
• But HARRY does not take it lightly, when JACK turns around HARRY pushes him down to the floor, giving JACK the macho look, and we now see the reverse of character personality - now HARRY has found his identity, and as he walks off JACK is left on the floor representing him as the weaker character and HARRY gaining status.

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