Friday, 4 March 2011

Question Two

After completing our film, I had realised that this is not the end, in order to create a successful film; your post-production must be very impressive. This is because, the audience are not going to be introduced the film straight away – we have to persuade them to watch our film which I personally say is the most hardest thing to do, as the audience must be interested in out post-production in order for them to watch our main production. Therefore, to enable to do this I decided to watch and research various posters and trailers. And one familiarity I noticed in each poster I focused on, was that they were all clips or parts of the film – this therefore makes it more easier for the audience to relate too as they are seeing what they had seen in the poster previously making them familiar with the text. Therefore, I decided not to use a photo-shoot, because firstly, it takes up time and secondly, I wanted to provide my audience with taste with what they are actually going to see. So by using shots from my actual film it makes it more realistic.

For example, within one of my posters I decided to use a close up shot of my protagonist, while his eyes are closed and his hands are gently placed in the centre of his face. However, I wanted to add more to my poster, show a little bit more, therefore I put a dark shadow to represent the dark antagonist. I decided to use my protagonist HARRY in the poster because he is the main character, therefore the audience should be informed to him straight away, however our antagonist JACK is also a very prominent character so I wanted him to be in the poster too, however didn’t have to be seen, so I made him the dark shadow – as the connotations of black is death, anger, loss, fear, night it just has very negative connotations therefore by applying this to my antagonist it makes it a bit more interesting to look at. I used this because my film is about bullying and although it is a comedy, it still has to get that view across to its audience, as bullying is a very serious subject. So to an extent, my poster could be argued to giving false impression, as it shows something emotional, whereas in actual fact my film is funnier and less serious. Therefore, the link between my poster and my film is that it highlights the emotional effect of bullying, and although that may not be seen in my film – the topic itself is emotional, therefore the poster should at least highlight that view.

Secondly, we also had to produce a film review. After looking at different film reviews I realised that they were all in formal context, even though some were about adventure and comedy for example Harry Potter, it is a more adventurous film targeted at teens – however the layout of their review was still very formal, because they have to be professional at the same time. I incorporated these ideas into my review; however I also wanted to make it a little bit more interesting to look at. This is why I decided to use a different colour for my text – I used the colour red simply because it is more engaging and a much brighter colour to look at in comparison to black and white. I used colour because my film is comedy and therefore it has to attract a very wide audience that would be captivated by extreme colours this is why I used red as its connotations of red is loud, danger, fun and excitement just makes it more interesting to look at, which was the same theme I was looking for, comedies usually have something interesting to look at, as its different and out of the ordinary.

Moving on my pitch was also a major way that I was able to advertise my product. This is because my film is a comedy genre; therefore this should be existent within my pitch, as the audience have to have a taste of what they will be seeing. This is why I embedded a clip from Home Alone in which showed the pranks that the protagonist was setting up – this was the exact concept myself and my team were going for, therefore by showing this clip to the audience it provides them with the conventions of a comedy and provides them with expectations that they we will be looking for, from my film, I also put in the video because it was funny and entertaining which will keep my audience entertained and not bored. I also put funny images on my slides too, this made it funny as well as informative, because not everyone is an intellectual learner some people favour the visual rather text, so by emplacing images it makes it easier to understand, nicer to look at and keeps my audience engaged and entertained. However, although my pitch was formal with my language, I decided to use different colours on my slides, I used yellow and lavender on each slide with black and red text. I did so because, I knew who my target audience was for my film, therefore I need to make sure I appeal to their interests. For example, if I had used a normal white slide with black text and no images – there is no creativity and no excitement there, instantly I have lost my audience as my Pitch did not attract them – so by using colours, images, clips it makes it much more exuberant and therefore makes them feel included.

Finally, I feel that the combination of my main product and my ancillary tasks was very effective; this was because I kept referring back to my production making sure there were solid connections with ancillary and product. For example, my poster, it was bright, eye catching but also very unreadable, which links in with my characters. Or my pitch, it is funny, entertaining but informative at the same time. This is why I feel that my product and my ancillary tasks have a very strong combination as its interesting and exciting to watch and look at.

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