Thursday, 3 March 2011

Question Four

New technologies are growing rapidly around the world and are being used in most movies, for example AVATAR which used the new SONY HD Camera, which had the highest clarity and made the film look good. Although in my school we may not have had the best camera we still used a various amount of other technologies to help my film.

Firstly, pre-production we had to research other narratives, the only way in which we could do so was by watching other films that had the similar narrative/genre like ours. Therefore YoTube was definitly one of the most helpful online technology that helped us. As we were able to watch a variety of different films, such as, Home Alone, Zack and Cody, Phineas and Ferb, Dennis The Menace and loads more. By watching all these films, it also helped us to develop character profiles, it allowed us to see how we would like our own character to be like. For example, our protagonist character came from Home Alone, someone quick-witted, sly, funny but very exceptionally intellingent, just not the stereotypical character, we wanted someone different, that is why Home Alone was our main focus point for our film. YouTube certainly helped us to create our narrative, as we searched and watched loads of different narratives, even a few made my ammatures in a forest, so we could see how we should not do things – this was partially the reaosn why we no longer went along with the idea of “Adventures of Babashola” as we thouight to shoot a film withoin a forest, with a camera and sound equipment with twop actors, could look like a very big mess and very ammature as we had seen a few videoa on facebook like it. So although technologies like the interenet and YouTube help us to create film ideas, they also help us into scrapping certain film ideas.
Secondly, during my post-production stage Premier Adobe was the software i used to digitise and edit my film. Personally, at AS i wasnt too familiar with the technology and did not know how to use the software very well for basic tasks as digitising, as technologies are developing rapidly, i did not know how to use them very well. But at A2 all this had to change, especially as i took on the role of director, i digitised my entire film, because i enjoyed it and then did the majority of the editing as io find editing very interesting. I used Premier Adobe to help construct my film, without Premier Adobe it would have been impossible for me to create my film, as i had to sequence shots, cut shots, erase shots and just make it into a movie, the software Premier is used to create movies, it was complicated at first, but once i practiced doing it again and again it was very much exciting. I used Premier Adobe at my construct change, because it wa sthe software that helped me to create my film.

Thirdly, the camera we used was a Cannon HD Camera, which had great clarity. By using a camera, we were able to take a range of shots from different angels and different positions. For example, one of the shots that i chose specifically was the head-shot, it was just something different that you dont see in most movies like the usualm casual mid-shot and long-shots i wanted to make it a little bit more interesting. Also trekking shots, by using the Cannon HD we were able to get tracks that we could place the camera upon and make a trekk shot, it just makes the shot look so much proffessional, we also used this shot within our film, the pace of the shot is slows as well – which adds even more affect to the shot too. We used the Cannon HD Camera to take a variety of shots from different angles and places, such as the point of view shot we took when our protagonist had overcome – the camera was wobily and on the edge – which made it seem even more real and gave it that natural effect, which we were going for. The camera helped with our construction because it enabled us to take the the great shots and allowed us to position it differently, by adjusting the zoom and the auto-focus if we wanted a blur effect or not.

Also, i used photoshop to create my posters. I had never used photoshop in my life, so i was completly unfamiliar with the programme and how it worked, however as i started to practice it, and by my friend that does photography A2 teaching me how to use it, i became a little bit more confident with the software. We had to produce three posters all on photoshop, therefore they had to look proffesional and eye-catching. By using photo-shop i was able to erase a background by one click, use a laser too and cut up a image and i could adjust the lightness/darkness/brightness of an image, this is what i did with my first poster, i made it darker and adjusted the brightness to give it a shadowy effect. Photoshop helped alot during my post-production while creating my posters as it enabled me to use alot more different tools and make my poster a whole much more interesting to look at.
Lastly, there is the blog which helped me to track my progress online. It was basically a online diary which enabled me to upload all my work in a structured format where it could be easily accessed by my teachers, class mates and examiners. It was also very useful as i was able to connect to the blog from home, making it very accessible and easy to upload things at any time too. I used the blog to put up all my own independent research as well as my evaluation questions, main production and other media related contents. The blog, i would personally say has allowed me to evaluate my own work, as i am able to access my AS blog and see where i went wrong, and how it could be corrected which makes it again very reliable and easy to use.

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