Thursday, 10 March 2011

Film Poster 3

However, this poster is more commercial and kiddish, its more on the comical side rather than the dark side. This was because, my film is a comdedy genre, therefore this genre should be represented at least in one of my posters at least.
In all my 3 posters i have used different themes, for example my first poster focused on the emotional part of my film which will appeal to more firls rather than boys. However, the second poster is more spooky and frightening, which i feel would relate to more teenage boys as its more dark, gloomy which usually attracts male audiences whereas, my final poster is more comical which would be more attractive, to really anyone of any age boundary as everyone still has a little bit of humour in them.
I analysed auudiences very critically before i created my posters as my film is A PG so i need to make sure my poster is as diverse as possible.

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