Monday, 22 November 2010

Script For Our Film

Scene 1: Opening Bedroom

It is morning and our main character HARRY is getting ready for school. We show the alarm clock goes off and his hand pressing the clocks, then we show our character getting ready for college. Through is costume the audience will be able to detect that he is most likely a “geek” as his costume represents the stereotypical image of nerds e.g. ties, braces and dotted shirts.
The identity of our character is kept a mystery as we do not show or reveal his face – all the audience can see is his costume and body. (Soundtrack). Then we switch location and HARRY is on his way to school, we do not show his journey – all we show is the school playground via an establishing shot. While HARRY is walking through the playground he then trips over his shoelaces – this then gains attention from his bullies as the camera focuses on them.
All in all HARRY finally enters the building and walks into class with a gloomy look. A few minutes later we see other footsteps rushing in to class. Then the door slams to represent that class has started and we show the school bell ringing which indicates that school has started.


Suddenly, we see our protagonist run out of class in a fright, and straight after him we see the two bullies which the audience was introduced to in the beginning catch up with him. They then grab him up against the wall and pour water all down his hair and mess it up (they then peanut him and do other bullying-like things) then walk away jokily.
HARRY is upset and emotional over this trauma he has just experimented so goes off to apply for community service as he has no friends to confide in him. (Present this by a hand giving him the “community service” card)
As HARRY is doing his community service he begins to draw and include all the terrible things that have ever occurred in his life.
As HARRY is drawing the only things that he seems to draw are in regards to JACK, with this thought he gets frustrated and pushes a chair into the cupboard without thought. Exactly soon after this happens everything on top of the cupboard falls unto the floor.

Scene 3: Media Office

Coincidently a magazine about pranks and jokes falls down on to the table that HARRY is sitting on
HARRY then reminisces what happened to him earlier this morning with JACK and gets angry, he then looks down and sees the magazine which is filled with pranks and jokes.
Harry then turns to audience (camera) and has a smirk on his face to show he has an idea.

Scene 4:

Later on, on that day HARRY begins to go through the magazine and sees all the funny pranks that are included in the magazine.
In relation to this HARRY then hatches a cunning plan to seek revenge on JACK by producing a series of pranks. HARRY then lists the pranks as followed:
Puts Superglue on the chair that JACK will be sitting on.
Slippery liquid outside floor of classroom, so when JACK finally gets of his chair he will fall over).
Place clear tape across the outside of a door from top to bottom
He then runs out frantically through the classroom (media room) corridor.

Scene 5

The next day HARRY comes into school, with a new personality. JACK is still very angry with what happened to him yesterday and happy slaps HARRY to gain his authority back.
But HARRY does not take it lightly, when JACK turns around HARRY pushes him down to the floor, giving JACK the macho look, and we now see the reverse of character personality - now HARRY has found his identity, and as he walks off JACK is left on the floor representing him as the weaker character and HARRY gaining status.

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